Your headshot is so much more than a photo. It’s one of the first impressions you make with your peers, clients, customers and/or employers. Keeping your headshot current, and having more than one that appeals to various audiences is essential in today’s multi-faceted, digital world. Having your photo taken shouldn’t be stressful, and the results need not be stuffy or boring. Kirstie has photographed people in many different professions including bankers, lawyers, fashion stylists, interior designers, school teachers, scientists, sales reps, realtors, authors, fellow photographers, and corporate CEOs… No matter what role is, our team will talk with you to learn more about what it is you do for a living, who your audience is, and what you are trying to communicate. This way, your images will effectively convey the message you want to send. We also try to have a little fun while we are at it! For headshot pricing, click here.

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